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Thank you for trusting us with your tax returns, and we appreciate your continued patronage over the past…12 years!  We wanted to get this information to you as soon as possible so that you can be prepared for your 2023 tax preparation and any changes you may need to make.*  Beginning in January 2024:  

Please watch for your engagement letter coming soon. It will have this information and more specific details for you. 

We will still be glad to do individual tax returns (1040) for our existing clients.  We will be limited on new clients that we can accept – only business returns or individual returns that have self-employment income or rental income (Schedule C or E). 

Our minimum fee for all individual returns (1040) will be $450.  That will also cover the Schedule C or E forms required for self-employment activities.  This fee is the minimum, and if there are multiple businesses on the return there may be additional fees.


Our minimum fee for business returns, including partnerships (1065) and corporations (1120, 1120S) will be $800.  We often need to make minor adjustments to your financial reports to make sure the information is accurate for the returns, and there will be no extra fees for these.


When additional bookkeeping or analysis is required to complete your business returns, we will discuss what is needed and agree on fees for this work before moving forward.  Please note this does not apply to most of our QuickBooks clients, if we are already involved in preparing your reports.


Our Payment Terms are changing this year.  We will require partial payment to begin working on your returns and the balance paid in full before filing. 

We understand that some of you may have better options and other ways to complete and file your tax returns, and we are still very grateful for your past business. If you need access to any prior documents, we will be ready to provide them. 

2023 Tax Return
Information and Pricing 

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