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1040 Express Lane

What is the 1040 Express Lane at NEA Financial Services? 

We've become more focused on self-employed tax returns and business returns, and our pricing has changed in order to reflect that.  Many people have shorter, simpler returns, and we have developed a plan that will be more affordable for those while not overtaxing our resources:  The 1040 Express Lane.  If you can answer these questions affirmatively, you probably qualify for our streamlined tax return program.  From the moment we have all of your information, we can deliver your returns to you within 3 business days. For only $200!   

See if you can answer yes to these questions:

Is all of your income from these source(s) only? 

-W2 income
-Brokerage Accounts (1099B)
-Social Security

Have you filed all past tax returns through 2022?

Are you able to submit all of your documents to us electronically, as PDFs?

Are you able to receive your copy of your tax returns electronically, as a PDF?

Will you be able respond to our questions or requests by email within 24 hours?

Did you answer "Yes" to all 5 questions?

If you did, then you likely qualify for the Express Lane.
Please call our office at (870) 336-4141 to schedule an appointment or use the button on the menu bar for convenience. 

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