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Spruce up your workspace

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

You’ve been staring at the same dated artwork for the past 5 years. The office chair you once found comfort and support in has lost its integrity. Maybe the entire atmosphere of your office just feels “off” lately and it’s killing your motivation. Go ahead and spruce up your workspace.

Wait. Do not take the company card and rush out for an afternoon shopping spree though. Try some of these little refreshers first:

Move things around. Sometimes rearranging furniture or reconfiguring artwork can have a significant impact on your space and make it feel brand new. Be sure to keep function in mind when choosing the fresh layout and if others share the space ask their opinion on what would work best for their walk patterns.

Get a statement piece of art. Instead of repainting the walls and replacing everything, find a sizable piece of art to liven up your office and bring in new texture, colors, and style. Bonus points if you purchase a piece from a local artist. It will be a great talking point to build rapport with clients and your community.

Bring in new life with plants. You can get a few live plants to add pops of natural color and boost the mood of your workspace. Be sure to get something that will be happy with the amount of sunlight and care you can offer. You will want to avoid toxic plants if you have children or animals frequent your offices.

Get a deep clean done. We often become blind to the amount of dust that settles around us, how dirty windows get, and when the carpets become dingey. Scheduling a bi-annual or annual deep clean can really brighten up any workspace and make it more welcoming to your patrons.

Replace your chair. Your chair is where you spend your time working, brainstorming, and speaking with your professional relations. It should be a place of comfort and support for you. It should also be in good shape so that clients are focused on what you have to say and not the strange BBQ stain on the arm rest.

These are just a few ideas to help revamp your workspace so that motivation will find you again. If you must spend though, it's likely tax deductible. Check with your CPA to be certain of what you can claim and ask which receipts you’ll need to save.

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