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Which plants are good for an office?

Plants can add to the aesthetic of your workspace or business. It can be hard to know which plants to choose for your space and there’s a plethora of information out there with internet gurus arguing over it on every forum. I believe the most important factor when deciding on a plant is what kind of lighting you have.

Low Light. When you want low maintenance and have low light, I think your best option is a ZZ plant or Snake plant. Both can handle lower or brighter light situations and tolerate long periods without watering. They are sensitive to rot if they are watered too frequently though so be sure to let others know not to water without asking first.

Medium light. If you have a good bit of light coming in, you may want to try for something more interesting. A Dieffenbachia is a hardy plant that does best with filtered light and is pretty low maintenance. Aglaonemas would also be a great option to consider and there are a wide variety of colors and patterns that this beautiful plant comes in.

Bright Light. When there is an abundance of glittering sunlight streaming in throughout most of the day, you are able to have nearly any plant you want. Pilea Peperomiodes are great easy-care plants that will thrive in your bright office. It is also my personal favorite for any workspace. You may know it by another name like the Chinese Money Plant or Coin Plant.

Plants are said to help filter the air, boost your mood, and brighten a room. It can be overwhelming though so don’t get discouraged if your first pick doesn’t thrive right away. Give yourself grace while learning something new. Remember, always place toxic plants out of reach or choose a safer nontoxic option, like a Holiday Cactus, if there are any pets or small children that will be in the space.

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