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Should you use social media for your small business?

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Co-written by Kevin Clark, CPA

Social media platforms are a big part of nearly everyone’s everyday life. Some check it religiously throughout the day, some scroll mindlessly, and some use it sparingly.

Here are five things to consider before you decide to create a company account for every social media platform available:

1. Do you or a team member have the time to actively manage social media accounts? A successful social media presence takes a lot of time, planning, and resources. It is an ongoing task that needs attention. You may consider hiring someone that specializes in social media management. Be mindful of not tacking the responsibility onto employees with an already full workload.

2. Which platforms will serve your company best? Not every platform will make sense for every business. While an Instagram might be perfect for a bakery to show their mouthwatering treats, an attorney won’t find it as fitting. Think of the kind of content you’ll be creating when you decide which platform(s) to use.

3. What is your goal with each social media platform? Do you simply want to grow brand awareness and get your name out there or are you trying to generate more traffic to your website? Is it a way to engage with your community so you can offer better customer service? You should have different goals for each platform and these goals may change over time.

4. Do you understand the algorithms? It’s not as simple as throwing content out on the internet and waiting to see what happens. You need to create valuable content consistently and understand how the algorithms work on each platform so that your content is actually being seen. offers great courses if you’re interested in learning more and still want to take it on yourself.

5. Are you ready to have a conversation? Social media is great because it allows people to engage in a conversation with companies and brands. You will need to check messages/comments daily and respond with your brand’s voice in mind. Negative feedback is hard to take, but it’s also a chance to respond with professionalism and kindness. Customer service via social media can be exceptionally useful for retention, increasing revenue, and customer satisfaction when done well.

Social media can be an incredible tool to reach your clients and to help your small business grow. However, some experts say, “No social media presence is better than a bad social media presence.” If you’re not sure how to proceed, speak with a professional in the Social Media Management field to get a better idea how a well-designed and managed social media strategy can help your business.

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